Vestrum Ultrasound for Women

This medical imaging service is for women needing gynaecological or obstetric investigation; Vestrum Ultrasound for Women has been NATA assessed and has full suite practice accreditation.

A referral is required to receive full Medicare benefits; we will accept imaging requests on any request form and all patients are welcome.

The very latest, state of the art, ultrasound machine and software will be used for your examination.

This service is specifically for women requiring

  • Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Dating Pregnancy scan
  • First Trimester Screening Scan
  • 17-22 Fetal Anatomy Scan
  • Third Trimester Fetal scan
  • Twin Pregnancy Assessment
  • Amniocentesis

Importantly, the scans will be reported on by a highly qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist. This is a Tertiary Level Service raising the standard of care offered in Bunbury and the South West.

With the exception of Specialist or GP obstetrician referred amniocentesis (these are bulk billed), none of the scans offered by Vestrum Ultrasound for Women will be eligible for concessions.


A baby at

9 weeks gestation


Early Pregnancy.

3D image of a baby at 9 weeks gestation


First Trimester Screening Scan.

A baby at 13 weeks gestation


First Trimester Screening.

Ultrasound screening for Down Syndrome


A double uterus

"uterus didelphys"


Pelvic Scan.

3D image of an endometrial polyp


Pelvic Scan. A uterine fibroid

- our scans will localise fibroids to help further treatment


Pelvic cavity.

4D image of a uterine cavity


Premature labour assessment by ultrasound.

Cervical length assessment in pregnancy


Third Trimester Scan.

3D image of a baby at 30 weeks