Building a family is the most fundamental part of a parent's life. Getting things off to the best possible start can have a profound effect on your family's future.

Ways I provide care:

Shared Care

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Shared care is where I share your care through pregnancy and birth with an experienced GP Obstetrician whom I trust. Sharing your care in some cases allows you to stay with your familiar GP but also has the benefit of having a Specialist Obstetrician available should your pregnancy or birth develop complications. You will see both the GP and the Obstetrician at different times through your pregnancy so will get to know both of us. Your GP will deliver your baby however should there be any complications I, as your Obstetrician, will take over your care to help ensure the best outcome for you and your baby.

Specialist Obstetrician Lead

Choosing a Specialist Obstetrician is all about receiving the best possible care for you and your new baby. My special interest is management of high risk pregnancy as well as care in labour and I look after only a select few patients.

As I have found out personally and see daily, a woman's pregnancy and birth doesn't always go according to plan so having an experienced expert on hand can be incredibly reassuring. A clear plan and the right doctor to manage your pregnancy and birth can help you achieve the shared goal of a healthy mum and baby.

You can trust that I understand your needs and appreciate that your pregnancy and birth should be a rewarding experience. If you are pregnant, please email me and see if I help you with your exciting journey.

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