Vestrum Policy Documents

Equal Opportunities Policy

All staff and Patients are required to adhere to their obligations under the 1988 Equal Opportunities Act. Persons that behave in a manner that is not supportive of this Act may be asked to leave the premises.

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Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

Personal Information gathered from patients will only be used in their treatment and care. Vestrum values the personal privacy of it's patients.

Vestrum will do all in it's power to store patient data securely, in a secure location and allow access to patient information to those within the organisation that require it for treatment or review.

Patients wishing to view their data will be require to provide photo identification and will not have access to any other data than their own.

Vestrum uses a paper free data storage system.

Cancellation Policy

Any new patient appointment not attended requires a new referral from your general practitioner. Please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment; cancellations made in good time can be re-scheduled.

Treatment Policy

Vestrum uses a Medical Best Practice approach to treatment and will only perform procedures that comply with what the Consultant feels is appropriate for the Patient.

Vestrum reserves the right to refuse treatment, which is considered by the Consultant to be inappropriate or unlawful.

Billing Policy

Payment of any 'out- of-pocket fee' must be paid in full immediately after an appointment or clinical treatment/procedures.

For surgical procedures, carried out in hospital, payment shall be made prior unless the patient is using a Public Service or using a Health Fund.

Complaints Policy

Patients and staff who feel the need to make any type of complaint or comment will be dealt with respectfully and confidentially where appropriate. Vestrum will endeavour to resolve issues raised in a satisfactorily and timely manner.

Vestrum also values positive feedback regarding patient experience and will pass appropriate comments to deserving members of staff.

All feedback from patients and referrers is welcome. Please request a feedback form from our reception staff or email with your comments