Midwife Lead Shared-care

Bunbury Regional Hospital Delivered Antenatal Service

Vestrum is delighted to announce this new service as of 2015. Open to the women within the catchment of Bunbury Regional Hospital (BRH) wishing to have their baby in Bunbury as a public hospital patient - from 13 weeks gestation and continuing throughout pregnancy.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed and a dating scan has been performed, the mothers-to-be can ask their family GP to make a referral to Vestrum Obstetrics and Gynaecology for antenatal care.

Run by our obstetrician and experienced practice midwife, the women of the South West can have all their maternity care with Vestrum - even all pregnancy ultrasound scans.

Dr Liddiard who has made a significant contribution to high-risk obstetrics in Bunbury is very excited to be able to offer this service.

Thank you for viewing our Public Delivery Obstetrics page on our website, pop into Vestrum Consulting Rooms or call Vestrum reception for more information.

Ultrasound Scanning

Dr Liddiard is the only Obstetrician in the South West with the Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (DDU). Not only does she scan to a very high standard, she also produces comprehensive reports and is able to use her skills as a specialist act on any abnormalities. This expertise brings a tertiary level reporting service to the South West with the new Vestrum Ultrasound for Women.

Please take time to view what Vestrum Ultrasound for Women is all about.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Midwives are a profession dedicated to preparing you for the journey from early pregnancy until the birth of your baby and just beyond.
  • Upon booking with our obstetrics team you will be provided with comprehensive information about how to care for yourself and your growing baby through your pregnancy.
  • Our special appointments card has been specifically designed to map out what you need during your time with us. This will include all your midwife appointments, specialist appointments and ultrasound scans. This will allow you to better understand your and your baby’s journey from the very first visit.
  • Midwives can prove to be a wealth of knowledge as well as a calming and reassuring companion during your journey to parenthood.
  • You can receive up to 10 Medicare rebatable appointments with a midwife each pregnancy.
  • With a specialist obstetrician constantly available for an opinion, your needs and your baby’s developmental needs will be monitored and cared for throughout your entire pregnancy.
  • Through a partnership between midwife and specialist obstetrician Vestrum has been able to significantly reduce the costs of having the very best and most extensive care available. Please contact us directly to find out more.

Midwifery Lead Shared Care is only available to women with low risk pregnancies. Your GP will be able to explain this to you in your early pregnancy appointments. There are clear guidelines for referral to the public High Risk consultant clinic at Bunbury Regional Hospital.

You can choose us at Vestrum:

  • From the moment you are pregnant
  • To have an early pregnancy scan with us at 8 weeks
  • Or visit our midwife from 13 weeks gestation,

By 20 weeks we would hope that you will be confident and well informed enough to make that decision. This is because Bunbury Regional Hospital would like antenatal patients booked in before 20 weeks. If you have just moved into the area or had difficulty deciding we will always do our best for you.

Vestrum have structured its public delivered shared care package in such a way that the costs are highly comparable to GP obstetrician lead care and much less than the private delivered sole care model. It is always worth comparing what each care provider offers along with costs for total care including ultrasound scans before making your final decision.

Please contact Vestrum for a fee schedule for more in depth information, either through our website, by popping into our reception or by giving us a call.

Most uncomplicated deliveries at Bunbury Regional Hospital are undertaken by the excellent midwifery team on the birth suite. Dr Liddiard will oversee your labour, aims to be present when your baby is born and will intervene with the help of the registrar if specialist help is required. If Dr Liddiard is unavailable, the on-call obstetric team at the hospital will step in.

As a specialist obstetric practice this is certainly something that we can offer you, however we will discuss all your options with you before you choose the one which is right for you.

  • Vestrum has experienced midwife lead care, meaning you will be well informed throughout your pregnancy.
  • A Vestrum Obstetric Specialist will be directly responsible for you throughout your pregnancy, helping to provide specialist insight when needed.
  • Vestrum was started by Dr Liddiard who is the only specialist obstetrician in the Bunbury and South West Regions to hold a Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (DDU). This has led to the initiation of Vestrum Ultrasound for Women - a service that aims to provide a high level of diagnostic ultrasound reports for obstetrics and gynaecology patients. Your ultrasound scans can be overseen by this service, where ever possible being carried out at Vestrum.
  • When it comes to the time of your baby’s birth, the Vestrum obstetric team will endeavour to be available to assist even if you require emergency intervention.
  • Our aim is to provide you and your growing baby with well managed care; having a strong influence over all the parts of your care allows us to do so. We endeavour to empower you with the knowledge and confidence that will allow you to make the correct decisions for you.

Midwifes are trained to be excellent practitioners for low risk pregnancies. This generally can also be said of GP Obstetricians, however some GP obstetricians have been trained to intervene when you have serious difficulties during birth. Some GP obstetricians can perform emergency caesarean sections; a special operation that involves removing the baby from the uterus through a cut in the abdomen. It is strongly advised to check what your chosen doctor can do before booking with them.

Admission to hospital

Some midwives and GP obstetricians can book you into your chosen hospital for delivery of your baby, again you will need to check. Specialists have admitting rights and take part in the emergency on-call service.

Specialist obstetricians are the most highly trained and as a result having them care for you during your pregnancy and birth of your baby can be very expensive. Specialist obstetricians are able to care for both low and high risk pregnancies and can manage all eventualities during your birth. Effective management of your pregnancy and these difficulties during birth can influence things such as the health of your baby and how quickly you recover from the birthing process.

Vestrum offers our midwife services supported directly by a Specialist Obstetrician. We strongly feel that this will provide you with excellent care at a much more affordable level.

Hopefully we have answered many of the questions that you may have had but please contact us if you need any further answers.